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If you have a BCBACKUP System™ it’s hard for your basement to flood.


Protect Your Biggest Investment

BCBACKUP provides constant power. If you have constant power it will be hard for your basement to flood. Will your basement be protected from flooding if your power is off during a storm? Will your furnace, hot water heater, carpet, walls, furniture and all your belongings be safe? A storm can cut off power and flood a basement it minutes. Most insurance won’t cover damage from ground water flooding, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Protect your biggest investment with a BCBACKUP SYSTEM™. Help keep your basement protected. Keep it under Constant Power.


* 12 Volt Pumps Up To 3300 GPH
* Reinforced Thermoplastic Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System
* Reliable Reed Float Switch For Automatic Operation
* Alarm Lets Homeowner Know Back-Up System Is Active
* Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Construction
* Battery Charger Keeps Battery Properly Charged


BCBACKUP System™ Heavy Duty

* 24 Volt Pumps Up To 3500 GPH
* Cast Iron Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System
* Top Suction Design Filters Debris and Prevents Clogging
* Professional Grade Back-Up System
* Alarm System With Status Indicator
* Heavy Duty Cast Iron High Performance 24 Volt Pump


Not sure which service is right for you? Let the professionals at Basement Care evaluate your basement’s needs at NO CHARGE by scheduling a friendly and courteous consultation in your home. Don’t put your basement and home’s ever important mechanical equipment at risk. Basement floods can damage furnaces, hot water tanks, walls, carpets and furniture in finished basements. With Basement Care’s Constant Power System you have the protection and piece of mind you deserve.  Let us help you turn that damp basement into a healthier living space and protect your stored belongings with one of our popular Constant Power Systems. Click here to contact us today.